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Assurance fire protection is a Cardiff Newcastle NSW based family business specialising in fire protection services. Our professional team of fire technicians will ensure that your fire safety equipment and systems remain fully functioning, are cost effective and comply with all relevant Australian standards. We service the areas of the Greater Newcastle region, Maitland, Hunter Valley, Central coast, Blue mountains & Greater Sydney.

The core of our company, our expert technicians, are highly experienced in small and large scale residential, commercial, and industrial sites and are able to tailor fire safety inspections and supply of equipment to your specific needs. Fully licensed, qualified and accredited under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS).

No job is too big or too small.

Our services include:

  • Ensuring site compliance with Australian standards
  • Provision of both active and passive fire protection services
  • Certification and provision of annual fire safety statements [EP&A Regulation 2000]
  • Supply and installation of all portable fire safety equipment
  • Comprehensive testing and maintenance of:

Fire panels [AS1851-2012 and 1670.1:2015]

Hose reels [AS1851-2012 and AS2441-201]

Detection [AS1851-2012 and 1670.1:2015]

Fire Blankets [AS 2444-2001]

Fire Hydrants [AS1851-2012 and AS2419.1-2017]

Extinguishers [AS1851-2012 and AS2444-2001]

Emergency & Exit lighting [AS2293.2-1995 And AS2293.1-2005]

Fire doors [AS1851-2012 and AS1905.1-2005]

Installation of passive fire safety measures [AS1851-2012 and AS1905.1-2005]

Fire dampers [AS1851-2012 and AS162.2]

Occupant warning systems [AS1851-2012 and AS1670.4-2015]

We offer competitive contracts or pay as you go services.

Protect yourself and your property now, contact us for a free quote.

Contact us:

E: [email protected]

M: 0474 058 159